"How can I keep from being arrogant when natural selection keeps selecting me?"

- B. Blake, kindred spirit/love machine


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Sep 30, 2014

Bloggy bloggy.

Posted at 09:15 pm by Grayce
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Mar 7, 2007

Eric is a deadbeat dad, which is a damned shame. What kind of psychopath doesn't love his baby? I can't even imagine going through all that: pregnancy, birth, motherhood, without a partner. This is why birth control is a good thing, people! Anyway, I got an internship at the Family Violence Law Center this summer, and it actually has a teeny tiny stipend, which is lots more than I'd expected. Now Ben and I are just hoping to hear that our application for the apartment in Hayes Valley got accepted so we can move in before he starts work at Lockheed Martin. Life is good, and once we can buy groceries with a car and store them in our regular sized refridgerator, life will be even better. Miss my friends in San Jose though. Call me!                    

Posted at 12:34 am by Grayce
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Oct 17, 2006
Holy Crap, Batman, I'm Posting!

So I know it's been a while. The reason for that is threefold. 1. I'm in law school now, which leaves little time for fucking around on the internet when I'm not in class. 2. I'm actually really happy, which leaves not much in the way of angst. 3. I have netflix. I'm sorry, but Grey's Anatomy and Sex and the City and oh so much more are just more worth my time. Tonight though, my homework is (mostly) done, I have no new dvds, and I''m just not sleepy.

So... I, um, baked a loaf of french bread today. It was my first bread ever, and came out really well. Yay for "How to Cook Everything." I also straightened my hair and got new jeans, had a terrible confrontation with my mom's husband, am doing very well with Ben, am on a new Pill that dries out my hoo ha like crazy, and switched to soft contact lenses. I also think that I'm chronically dehydrated and I just found out that my mom has known that I have ADD practically my whole life and just didn't tell me. I'm currently obsessing over the idea that my children won't have an ounce of Korean identity but am happy because I made a new Korean friend who has teeth like my dad. Oh, I'm also getting to know my dad. Some day, I"d also like to get to know my little sisters as well. I started salsa and swing lessons and got pink eye a few weeks back. I started knitting again and hope to become friends with all my exes some day. I think that's all for now. Oh wait, one more thing: for some reason, I now poop like clockwork every day around 11:30. It's beautiful, and incredibly inconvenienct since I either have crim or torts then and I'm always running out of class.

Posted at 03:03 am by Grayce
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Aug 5, 2006
Grace the law student ... almost

Well, I'm offically moved in and alone in my not as tiny as I thought studio. This time I'm trying not to leave boxes un or half opened for months on end. Instead, I'm going to unpack a little, and leave nice stacks of unopened boxes ready for my next move, which will hopefully be in Jan or Feb with Ben. Til then, I get to have my own space. Hopefully it won't be too lonely. What with Ben gone to Guatamala for three weeks and school not starting for a week and a half, it'll be touch and go. I'm both scared and exhilarated. Wish me luck!

Posted at 07:49 pm by Grayce
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Jun 19, 2006
Life goes on, which I suppose means I'm not yet dead, as my absence may have implied.

We always seem to want what we don't have, don't we? On the upside, I'm leaving my job in 10 days, I learned the herring bone stitch on my own and today, a really bimbo-y looking blond girl bought both "Mein Campf" and the new Ann Coulter book. Classic.

Posted at 11:48 pm by Grayce
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Apr 24, 2006
angst, really. okay, more like semi-angst

I was looking through some photos with Mike and David tonight and I've come to three conclusions.

1: I was totally fat. Seriously. Back fat, chin fat, and stomach fat mostly. Some people carry it well. I decidedly do not. Thus, I have renewed motivation to lose ten lbs before swimsuit season. I know this is terrible and unfeminist and self-loathing and all that, but god dammit, I want to look good, not tell myself comforting lies. It's funny how losing weight has made me feel fatter, and not thinner. I know, I know, I'm not fat, you all never saw me as fat, etc. etc. Whatever. The point is, this is something I've always wanted to do for myself. I want to be able to walk down the beach and not feel like I'll never be one of those gorgeous girls. I want to feel confident that I am one of those girls. On a side note, at the same time, I honestly don't think you have to be thin to be beautiful. Some girls pull it off, and some don't. I think that a woman who is prone to be heavy but has one of those Sofia Loren va-va-voom figures is just as lucky as those women who are all stick-like. Unfortunately, the only way you can tell that I have a waist or ass is when I'm under 120. Damn my genes.

2: We never get together anymore. In all those pictures, it looks like we're having an amazing time, despite the drama, despite the failing relationships, despite the fact that we didn't all necessarily love eachother. We need to do something about this, because this is going to be broken beyond repair soon. I call for a truce. We all say fuck it to our vendettas and dislikes and all that crap and just have fun. And not just in that "well, I'll tolerate her" kind of way. We need to whole-heartedly embrace eachother and be, if not friends, then friendly.

3: I am going absofuckinglutely nuts here. I am feeling kind of jealous/posessive of Ben's past, probably because I've got such a tenuous hold of his present. I honestly feel more secure out his future than I do his current life. I miss having a boyfriend, especially on a Sunday. Have you noticed that mon-thurs is for working, fri and sat are for singles and friends, but sundays are for couples and family? And what happens if it's sunday and you're not part of a couple or nearby family? You drive around feeling lonely, that's what. This half state of singleness sucks fucking balls. If Ben weren't moving up here soon, I'd dump his ass faster than you can say "long distance call." Argh. I miss him. I think I'll go sniff his shirt like a crazy lady again.

Posted at 01:04 am by Grayce
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Mar 29, 2006
Quick Update

Mostly having fun at work, and finally getting enough hours, despite the fact that I have more cashiering to do. Went shopping for a lowbacked strapless bra and lo and behold, they were almost out, but the first one I grabbed fit perfectly. I love it when that happens. Aside from all that, I"m seeing Michelle alot, going to the gym almost everyday, and talking to Ben. Speaking of whom, he's coming up to the Bay Area in 2 days! Yay!

Posted at 11:56 am by Grayce
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Mar 23, 2006
You are so The Jealous

... because Ben wrote me a song. Okay, so he stole the tune from Man of La Mancha, but he made up the words all by himself! And he sang it to me as a greeting on the phone. And also, he reminds me of Darcy from Bridget Jones's Diary, only better. Because he wrote me a song that is silly and he is cuter. ... and more clever and foul-mouthed. (Not that that has anything to do with the song. It's just true.)

Posted at 01:15 am by Grayce
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Mar 21, 2006
Back from L.A.

I'm totally insufferable right now. I think "gushing" and "annoying" are the words I would use to describe myself if the sound of sweetly chirping blue birds wasn't distracting me. What can I say? I'm happy and he's adorable, handsome, perfect, cuddly, sexy, perfect. He does a mean impression of a small, retarded girl and he can pick me up and carry me around! What else could I ask for? Okay, I'm done now. I promise ... for today.

Posted at 10:27 pm by Grayce
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Mar 3, 2006
When did I become this person?

Well, I"m single again and my, wasn't that fast? I"m starting to see how this kind of turnaround is possible on Sex and the City. Now the question is patience/long term/ fidelity vs. immediate gratification/ I ain't wasting my time waiting/ how much loyalty do I owe a person who dumped me?

Sigh. Life is hard.

Speaking of which, unwanted crushage coming your way sucks ass. I feel like i"m standing in the middle of a nasty 3 car collision. Why don't people understand? Friends don't let guys whith feelings for their friends make unwanted declarations! The answer to the question, "Well, I don't think she likes me, but should I tell her anyway?" is always "NO! Hell fucking noway not ever no!" At least for me. I tend to make my feelings pretty obvious, so if I haven't asked you out, touched your penis, or otherwise indicated anykind of interest, I do not like you. Oh, and repeatedly saying "no" or otherwise brushing you off when you ask me out is also a hint. I know it's sublte, but if you can't catch on, that's probably one of the reasons why I'm not interested in you. Sorry.

Actually, I"m not sorry. I can't be bothered with idiots, losers, or trash, white or otherwise. In fact, while we're on this subject, inviting me and my girlfriends out for a night of drinking beer and watching T.V. at a stranger's house, strangely enough, does not appeal to me.

Posted at 04:15 pm by Grayce
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